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Qualified Retailers, Distributor and Affiliate Inquiries Welcome

GunneyGEAR is offering reseller opportunities for a  select group of qualified, professional, financially strong and Influential Distributors, Dealers and Representatives to round out our network of partners in the United States and Worldwide.

At GunneyGEAR, it is important to find the right fit within our partner network so we can build strong and long-lasting partnerships.  Integrity, loyalty, commitment to the brand and quality margins for everyone are all required to make sure we deliver the best products and experience to our customers.

GunneyGEAR is offering four (4) reseller opportunities for partnership.  Each group will have a minimum commitment level to participate and we will cap each level with a certain number of participants for each.  Every potential partner will be evaluated on a case by case basis before being awarded a GunneyGEAR partnership.

Specialty Business and Online Retailer – At GunneyGEAR we understand the importance and power of the local specialty business and the value of online retailers.  We want to take the time to understand the vision you have for your business and see how we can compliment that with our products.

Large Retailers – Experience and the value of a nationwide brand built on processes is exactly the type of businesses we would welcome a partnership with.  Our infrastructure allows us to be nimble and quick in meeting any requirements your business may have.

Distributor – We are looking for a few select domestic and International distribution partners.  We have the infrastructure and experience necessary to maximize the processes involved with distribution.  We are looking for a partner that has a documented and  proven Distribution Channel in place and will be able to provide a detailed sales and marketing plan on how you will represent the brand.

Affiliate/Social Media Influencer – We understand the game has changed and the value that quality Affiliates and Social Media Influencers have when promoting a brand.  We are looking for a select group of independent partners that have the power to spread the word about our great products to their enthusiastic audience.  To learn more about being a GunneyGear Affiliate, please head over to our Affiliate Program page for information and to sign up.   Affiliates Please Sign Up on our Affiliates Page only.

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Minimum Partnership Requirements:  (Each Tier will have specific requirements that will be covered in the initial partnership opportunity meeting.)

  • Must be willing to sign and adhere to the GunneyGEAR MAP agreement.
  • Specialty Stores, Retailers and Distributors will have minimum order requirements for opening orders and annual requirements.
  • All four (4) SKU’s will be required in an opening order.
  • All tiers of partnership will have annual purchasing minimums to maintain partnership.

If you or your organization would like to join our efforts to provide the best damn products to sports and firearm enthusiast around the world, please fill out the Distributor, Retailer and Affiliate application below.   Once submitted, a GunneyGEAR representative will contact you directly.

Thank you in advance for your time and we look forward to working with you!

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